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ALCO CAP Asphalt Mastic is a superior blend of asphalt, solvents and fiber fillers. The fillers in this product strengthen the liquid asphalt to form a tough but elastic surface. Once cured, it will not crack in summer or crack in winter.

The coating is reinforced with mineral fibers which make it extremely tough and weather resistant. It is especially designed for the CAP System. It is recommended as a base and surface coating to be used in combination with ALCO Poly-S, a stitchbond polyester. It provides an excellent re-roof system to a wide range of roof areas, while adding years of service to the life of a roof.n.


  • Excellent weather resistant coating
    Reinforced with fibers that form a tough but elastic coating
  • Adds years of service to the life of the roof
  • Protects structure from water seepage caused by wind driven rain and ice dams
  • Self-Sealing: Seals around nails, staples and screws
  • Self-Adhering: Bonds directly to the roof substrate
  • Skid Resistant: Granular surface for safe and easy installation


Ideal for use with the ALCO CAP System.

CAP Systems Guide from ALCO> Download the CAP System Guide form ALCO

> Download PDF Data/Technical Specifications Sheet