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ALCO 24-7 Flashing Cement 16 Bucket
ALCO 24/7 Wet-Dry Flashing Cement
offers excellent sealing properties and ease-of-use capabilities. Now available in new packaging - 16 Tubes shipped in a Bucket. More...

New Products

ALCO 15 Synthetic Underlayment
New ALCO 15 Synthetic Underlayment -
We are pleased to announce our new addition to our ALCO SHIELD product line - 15 Synthetic Underlayment. More...

ALCO Roof Repair Tape
24/7 Roof Repair Tape - Now available - Leak and Seam Repair Tape for TPO, EPDM, and Metal with Ultra Aggressive Sealability. More...

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ALCO 24/7 Roof Repair Tape

ALCO roof Repair Tape

ALCO 24/7 Roof Repair Tape


The revolutionary Leak and Seam Repair Tape
for TPO, EPDM, and Metal Roots with Ultra Aggressive Sealability

ALCO 24/7 Roof Repair Tape is the most aggressive sealing tape available. Highly effective, long-term solution for repairing leaks on virtually all roofing materials, including TPO, EPDM, and metal.


ALCO 24/7 Roof Repair Tape
is also extremely effective in
below grade concrete wall
penetrations for water, sewer
and electrical service.


  • Perfect for reinforcing non-leaking seams and for additional security around curbs, vents, chimneys, AC systems, antennas, or any roof-penetrating devices
  • VOC-free and stable from -70° F to 200° F
  • Easy to apply to clean, dry surfaces
  • Flexible and readily conforms to shapes - making it well suited for gutter repairs, piping and other curved equipment
  • UV Resistant for assured longevity - available in two backing colors - white and black.
  • Ultra Aggressive Sealing properties means it can be effectively used to stop water or air penetration on many other surfaces, including cement, plywood, OSB, and metal.
  • Excellent for stopping leaks on mobile homes, RVs, vans, garden sheds, tarpaulins and some unpressurized piping.
  • Full ALCO Warranty - Ask your sales representative or visit our Web site for complete details.

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