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ALCO Shield Black MAG Underlayment
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ALCO Shield Detail Drawings
ALCO Shield Underlayment Installation Instructions & Drawings
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Granular+ Underlayment

The NEW & Improved ALCO Shield GRANULAR+ is now available. More...


ALCO Roof Repair Tape
24/7 Roof Repair Tape - Now available - Leak and Seam Repair Tape for TPO, EPDM, and Metal with Ultra Aggressive Sealability. More...

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Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

Q: Where can I obtain ALCO products?

A: ALCO products are available through a variety of distributors in the U.S. Please contact ALCO Products for your nearest distributor:

Phone: 1.800.323.0029, 313.823.7500
Fax; 313.331.4726
E mail ALCO at info@alco-products.com

Q: How do I clean up a spilled ALCO product?

A: Consult SDS on the specific product.

Q: Why should I use an aluminum coating to coat my roof?

A: Aluminum coatings can form an invaluable part of a smooth surface built-up roof (BUR), smooth or mineral surface modified roofs (SBS) or torch-down (APP) roofing systems. Aluminum coatings form a highly reflective surface that reduces roof surface temperatures (approximately 15 to 20° F, which can equate in lower internal temperatures.

Aluminum coatings also protect the underlying membrane (BUR, SBS, or APP) from UV degradation, thereby helping prolong its life. In brief, Aluminum coatings:

  • Extend the life of the roof system.
  • Reduce roof surface temperatures.
  • Reduce thermal shock and stress to the roof.
  • Make leaks easier to identify.
  • Help the environment by reflecting heat and reducing temperature.
  • Provide fire protection (See UL Class A Fire Ratings)

Q: What is the life expectancy of ALCO Aluminum roof coatings?

A: Normally, aluminum roof coatings have a service life of between 3 to 10 years, depending on the surface coated and which product used among other factors.

Q: Can ALCO products be thinned and if so, with what type of thinner?

A ALCO products should not be altered or thinned. Any attempts at thinning the products can alter their designed physical properties, thereby resulting in possible product failure and/or shorten longevity of the cured material.

Thinning of solvent base products is in direct violation of V.O.C. (Volatile Organic Compound) laws and regulations.

Q. Can ALCO SHIELD be applied over felt?

A. No. Felt will act as a bond-breaker to the substrate. ALCO SHIELD is intended for application directly to the structural deck.

Q. How long can ALCO underlayments be exposed?

A. ALCO underlayments are not meant to be left permanently exposed to the sun. In general, the membrane should be covered with the final roof covering as soon as possible.

Q. Why Shingles Are Not Enough

A. Shingles are designed to protect your roof from rain and snow, but they are not completely effective in preventing the movement of moisture from the roof deck upwards. Wind driven rain can be blown under the shingles, destroying their integrity and depositing water into your attic. Freeze and thaw cycles can allow the ice dams to force water back under the shingles. The eaves of your roof are most at risk, however the valleys and around skylights, chimneys and other flashing areas are also in danger.

Q. Does ALCO SHIELD go over or under drip edge?

A. Its over on the bottom - gutter edge (eave) and under on the side/rake/gable end.

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